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Gun Mayhem Redux

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Gun Mayhem Redux is a third-person shooter game. The goal of the game is either to capture a flag for a certain duration or kill your opponents. To play the game you move a character up and down, back and forth while shooting at the enemy. The game provides you with eight campaign levels and a tutorial. You have to play the campaign levels in sequence, starting with level one. They will increase in difficulty as you progress. When you complete a campaign level you can either get a new starter weapon or a starter perk. Some cool examples of the different kinds are infinite ammo, dual wield pistols or triple jump.

The gameplay of Gun Mayhem Redux is very fast paced. It truly becomes chaotic due to the pace, so quick reactions are always needed. To add to the chaos the game has something called loot boxes. These boxes spawn randomly throughout the game and give the one who smashes the boxes some insane weapons. The Loot can be anything from a baseball bat to a rocket launcher. But that is not all! Every weapon has a secondary use. For example, you can not only shoot with the regular pistol but you can also throw it. It is very exciting trying to figure out what all the guns do.

Besides having a single player campaign, there is also a brawl mode. In this mode, you can play locally with your friends or you and three of you can play in a customized game. Here you can choose if you want to play team deathmatch, capture the objective or free for all. You can also give upgrades and ban weapons that are too powerful. You can even choose how many lives you can have or how many flags you need to get to win. This makes Gun Mayhem Redux to a fantastic game.

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